By attending and faithfully committing to Leadership’s Calling® requirements and expectations you will build capacity to earn leadership’s invitation and deliver on its promise. Specifically, you will:

  1. Gain deeper understanding and insight into who you are – not your public persona but who you are at the core as defined by your life purpose, professional mission, chosen values, beliefs and assumptions, and dreams and aspirations. Before others agree to be led by you, they need to know who you are at the core.
  2. Become consciously more self-aware of what you think and feel and why, what you do and how you do it, and most importantly, your impacts – positive and negative, small and large – on other people and on outcomes.
  3. Build and hone your ability to self-manage in order to elicit – not discourage or undermine – positive actions, emotions and behaviors in others, and ultimately to produce – not inhibit or derail – desired outcomes through others.
  4. Discover the meaning and learn the behaviors, actions and choices that underlie 12 Distinguishing Qualities that Define True Leaders.
  5. Develop, grow and apply skills around seven essential things that true leaders do extraordinarily well and continuously hone:
    a. Make judgment calls
    b. Communicate
    c. Build cohesive teams
    d. Drive change
    e. Surface, confront and resolve conflict
    f. Teach
    g. Develop meaningful and enduring relationships
  6. Learn and practice critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  7. Learn the difference between motivation and inspiration and what it takes to elicit positive emotions, behaviors and actions in others without the promise of reward or threat of punishment.
  8. Explore in depth and in practice The 10 Fundamentals required to produce tangible outcomes through others.
  9. Experience meaningful, substantive growth and change.
  10. Forge lifelong, valuable relationships with fellow students and facilitators.