Leadership’s Calling® is based on the same design, content and format of the two leadership learning programs Henry Givray created at SmithBucklin. Launched in 2011, the SmithBucklin Leadership Learning Forum (LLF) is for high-performing employees. The SmithBucklin Leadership Institute was launched in 2013 and is for board members of client associations. Below is just a sampling of personal reflections of students who have experienced the two programs.

“What I gained was not just leadership skills but exponential personal growth. I am a better person and a better leader, and the journey has only just begun. The gift of participating in the Leadership Institute is simply priceless.”

Michelle Day, MSN, RN, CGRN

Team Leader, Comprehensive Liver Center
Hartford Hospital
“The ultimate measure of whether this learning experience resonates with you is whether your peers, colleagues, friends and acquaintances feel you are answering leadership’s calling. Because of the LLF, I hope those individuals in my life would say I am beginning to answer that call.”

Marc Selvitelli

Director, Business & Trade Industry Practice
“The SmithBucklin Leadership Institute challenged my fundamental understanding of leadership. It provided a deep introspective look into my current leadership acumen versus my leadership competency. I encourage others to absolve themselves of their management facades and permit the ability to unlearn.”

Michelle Mason, FASAE, CAE

Chief Executive Officer
Association Forum of Chicagoland

“I have attended many leadership seminars in my 30-year history. There is nothing that even begins to compare to the rich experience of the SmithBucklin Leadership Institute. The self-exploration was so deep and meaningful. The growth begins while taking the class, the journey continues well after.”

Catherine Pallozzi, CHAM

Director, Patient Access
Albany Medical Center
“As a 30-year veteran of leadership who is committed to life-long learning, I have attended dozens of leadership seminars and classes. Of those, the SmithBucklin Leadership Institute was by far the most comprehensive, inspirational and impactful on me, both personally and professionally.”

John Matelski, CGCIO

Chief Information Officer
DeKalb County Government

“Participating in the LLF this past year has been enriching and humbling. After many years of managing teams and projects, to have this opportunity to reflect on what true leadership is has been eye opening for me. I feel more aware of what type of leader I will strive to be and look forward to my continued development.”

Anita O’Boyle

Director, Event Services

“As a seasoned executive, I wasn’t expecting the LLF would have such a powerful daily impact on my business. I am applying the training and insights gained from this program directly to my team, my clients and every other relationship in my life. Despite my years of experience, I now realize that I am at the beginning of my journey, and I have been given a special gift that I will carry forward the rest of my life.”

Dan O’Brien

Tech Image
“Though I have attended other leadership courses, I have never experienced the depth or impact afforded by this experience. There is no superficial or osmosis learning. It is intense discovery through immersion and examination. This program engages the student and a diverse group of peers with questions that confront one’s own assumptions about the power of words and behaviors, the value of self-discovery and what comprises effective leadership.”

Mickey Haryanto, RN-BC, MBA, ONC

Program Manager, Joint Replacement Program
Medical University of South Carolina
“I came to the SmithBucklin Leadership Institute feeling quite competent in my leadership role. The program pushed me to question what I thought I knew about leadership, as well as what I thought I knew about myself. I have emerged with a foundation on which I can grow as a leader to improve the lives of those around me. Thank you for preparing me to continue this wonderful leadership journey.”

Tom Kruse

Senior Vice President of M&A
Marsden Holding, LLC
“Having completed many leadership training programs over the past 25 years, I must say that there simply is nothing like the Leadership Institute. I was challenged to look beyond conventional ideas and clichés about leadership. Because of the deeply thought-out concepts, group discussions, challenging personal assignments and articulate facilitators, I have been able to achieve positive, tangible results in my personal and professional life.”

Michael Donnelly

General Manager
Daniels-Olsen / Metro Hardwoods
“After attending some of the best business schools in the country, I found they prepared me very well for managing people, but spent little time on leadership. The Leadership Institute was focused only on leadership. After participating, I read more often, I am more optimistic, I am more confident in difficult situations and I communicate better. As I continue on my journey, I am thankful for the experience I had, and my duty now is to share with others.”

Jim Harris

President & CEO
Janitronics, Inc.
“The LLF is an experience, not merely a classroom. I now understand that words matter; letting go of mistakes is critical to moving forward; high-functioning teams have specific qualities that are proactively nurtured and refined; critical conversations are crafted, not left to chance; change does not happen by accident; and difficult decisions require humility, understanding and courage. But this is only the beginning, as what I learned about myself is equally substantial and significant. Now I must put these concepts into action and continue to learn and grow. Leadership is not easy, but it is rewarding.”

Denise Roosendaal

Director, Business & Trade Industry Practice
“The curriculum was unique, rigorous and tremendously rewarding. No other learning opportunity I have experienced over the past 30 years compares. The practical tools, reading materials and relationships I have gained will allow me to continue to be a lifetime learner, mentor, teacher, role model and outstanding leader.”

Deb Ward

Televergence Solutions, Inc.
“It’s not just a series of lectures where you sit, listen and go back home. You are stimulated to write, to reflect, to provide feedback, to listen, and to accept feedback. I can now see how being a leader requires a specific set of skills. This has offered me a broader view and a systematic way of looking at leadership.”

Roberto Civitelli, MD

Chief, Division of Bone and Mineral Diseases & Director
Metabolic Skeletal Disorders Training Program
Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine
“Through my words and actions, I have the opportunity
to inspire and enable others. The LLF provided me with enhanced knowledge and skills to make these interactions more impactful for both the individuals and the organization. Through self-reflection, I have become even more self-aware and better understand how to develop my strengths through the lifelong journey in leadership. It has become clearer to me why I love to come to work each day.”

Stacy Miller

The France Foundation
“The rich, comprehensive learning made the effort 100 percent worthwhile. I can honestly say that I have remembered and applied something I learned every day since Commencement. It is like nothing you have ever experienced.”

Claudia Zacharias, MBA, CAE

President & CEO
The Board of Certification/
Accreditation, International
“It was a life-altering experience that transformed my personal and professional leadership capabilities by creating a unique learning experience and lifelong friendships. Without a doubt, the LLF was the most important learning experience of my life.”

Andre Williams

Director, Healthcare + Scientific Industry Practice

“LLF provides a far more introspective opportunity than I could have imagined. Instead of prescriptively telling you “how to be a better leader,” leadership’s invitation becomes clearer over the months of self-discovery and growth. After internalizing the classroom lessons, outside readings, and homework assignments, the lens through which you see things noticeably changes, impacting your goals and your ability to achieve them while bringing others along with you.”

Lauren Lawson

Manager, Education & Learning Services

“LLF helped shape not only who I am as a leader, but also who I am as a father, husband and brother. I witnessed the power of telling my story, learned to focus on that which only I can do, and had the opportunity to practice the decision making and judgment calls that true leadership requires.”

Kevin Hinton

Director, Business + Trade Industry Practice
“It was the most impactful, emotional and self-altering program I’ve ever participated in. The amount of candid introspection during the six-plus months empowered me to interact with my team, my clients and my association at a level that I never thought possible – and in the process strengthened every relationship I have.”

Keith Wewe

Vice President, Strategy and Solutions
Content Pilot LLC